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Sephora to Double Its Offering of Black-Owned Brands After Revealing Racial Bias Study

It’s no secret that retailers could do better when it comes to building an inclusive environment for those who keep them in business — consumers. In a National Racial Bias in Retail Study commissioned by Sephora, the brand finds five truths when it comes to racial inequality during retail experiences with the first being a lack of racial diversity within companies. Here are those truths, as listed in a press release: 1. Limited diversity across marketing, merchandise and retail employees results in exclusionary treatment before shoppers even enter a store, and across their in-store journey. 2. U.S. BIPOC shoppers feel in-store interactions are driven by their skin color, appearance and ethnicity, yet retail employees cite behavioral attributes, rather than appearance, as the basis for their interactions. 3. U.S. BIPOC retail shoppers use coping mechanisms, such as shopping online, to minimize, or avoid an anticipated biased experience when in-store. While many customer experience...

Jan 14, 2021