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Black Woman Wins Over $360M From A Racial Discrimination And Retaliation Lawsuit Filed Against FedEx

One would assume working diligently at a job would lead to good favor. This wasn’t the case for Jennifer Harris.

Nov 17, 2022

The State Of California Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Tesla After 'Horrific' Racial Abuse Allegations

Tesla is reportedly a hotbed of racial abuse — and the state of California has finally had enough. According to The Los Angeles Times, the state of California has filed a lawsuit against the Elon Musk-led company. The lawsuit comes after more than 32 months of an investigation into the practices by the company, as well as countless worker complaints spanning more than 10 years against the organization. The allegations against Tesla are what The Los Angeles Times is calling quite “horrific” — so much so, in fact, that many of the words that were allegedly used by the company cannot be reprinted here. But what can be stated here is that Tesla allegedly made their Black workers “scrub floors on their hands and knees, and they were relegated to the Fremont, Calif., factory’s most difficult physical jobs,” per the Los Angeles Times. What’s more, the suit alleges that Black workers were routinely denied promotions, were subjected to willful and malicious harassment, got paid far less than...

Studies Show Airbnb Hosts Discriminate Against 'Black-Sounding Names,' But Are We Surprised?

It could all be so simple, but racism makes it hard. When it comes to renting homes through Airbnb, minorities, specifically Black people, seem to always be up against refusal of service on the platform. The company has decided to finally somewhat take a stance with an experiment that they hope will resolve the issue. According to NPR, studies have shown that there are some Airbnb hosts who discriminate against customers based on both profile images and “African American sounding names.” In an effort to fix the issue, the company is starting with a test in the way that Oregon-based guests book their stays.

Jan 6, 2022

Joseph B. Hill's DEI Job Offer Was Reportedly Rescinded After 'Flagging Racial Bias'

In efforts to “diversify” the workroom, some companies are hiding behind the gaze of inclusion in hopes of finding a token to enhance their agendas. Joseph B. Hill, a Black Chief Diversity Officer with over 20 years of experience, accepted a new position to serve at Memorial Hermann Health System in the city of Houston as the Vice President, Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. To prepare for a relocation and help Hill find the right home, a real estate agent contracted by Memorial Hermann was hired. Hill noted red flags from the agent as he recalled “unconscious racial bias” being exhibited from the white realtor such as bringing light to a Black-owned clothing store and commenting, “One of those stores over there is owned by a rapper; I don’t know those guys.” Hill also recalled the agent presenting a public golf course as “someplace where you would play,” to wittingly imply he was not welcomed at a private club. Hill, uncomfortable due to the microaggressions, presented...

Nov 4, 2021

TikTok Has Been Flagging Black Lives Matter Content, According To One Of Its Most Popular Creators

If you’re a TikTok creator, you have access to a tool called the Creator Marketplace. This marketplace allows you to connect with brands who may be interested in commissioning you for a series of promotions on the popular social media app. But if you’re a Black TikTok creator, you’ll find that using the marketplace to connect with such organizations as #BlackLivesMatter — or even typing in a search for “Black Lives Matter” in the toolbar — will result in the content being labeled “offensive.” According to Vox, that’s exactly what creator Ziggi Tyler went through. “Anything Black-related is inappropriate content,” he said in a video describing the situation. @ziggityler #greenscreenvideo I’m going live in 30 minutes to answer questions. Y’all need to get this message out. Please. #fypシ #fyp #wrong #justice ♬ original sound – Z According to Tyler, this is just another example of how Black content is regulated on social media in a way that white content is not. “I’m not going to sit...

Nijeer Parks Becomes Third Known Black Man Wrongfully-Arrested For False Facial Recognition Identification

Facial recognition technology has been a known issue in police conduct for years now, and the problem has yet to be resolved. New Jersey man Nijeer Parks, 33, has unfortunately become the third known Black man to be falsely identified and wrongfully-arrested for false facial recognition, according to The New York Times. The incident occurred in February 2019, when Parks was accused of allegedly shoplifting candy and trying to hit a police officer with a car at a Hampton Inn in Woodbridge, NJ. Engadget shares officers were called to the Hampton Inn where the alleged shoplifter presented them with a Tennessee driver’s license, which they eventually confirmed to be fake. State agencies then utilized facial recognition systems to analyze the photo from the ID and found an apparent match in Parks’ state ID. Despite being 30 miles from the incident at the time, officers still identified Parks as the suspect. As a result, Parks spent a total of 10 days in jail last year, and $5,000 to...

Dec 30, 2020

Are Black Communities Getting Access to Coronavirus Tests? Doctors Don't Think So

Racial bias in healthcare affects Black people disproportionately. As a global health pandemic spreads, doctors fear Black communities don’t have access to adequate coronavirus tests. BuzzFeed News reports that a group of Virginia-based doctors—Dr. Cameron Webb, Dr. Taison Bell, Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb, and Dr. Ebony Hilton—is requesting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization release data about testing in underserved areas. The concern with current public information is the absence of stats broken down by race and ethnicity. They fear that Black people aren’t tested. As a result, they are not being treated. “I want to make sure that in this pandemic, that Black and Brown people are treated in the same way and that these tests are made available in the same pattern as for white people,” Dr. Ebony Hilton, an associate professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Virginia, told BuzzFeed. The public has already...

Mar 23, 2020