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Invest Like A President: Here’s What We Know About Barack Obama's Stock Portfolio

President Barack Obama knows how to rule a country — and how to make money. Since leaving office in 2016, AfroTech has been keeping up with America’s favorite President and his subsequent money moves. Whether he’s teaching college courses, joining NBA Africa, or launching a podcast series with Spotify, Barack Obama has been working hard for the money. In fact, Obama has been richer than he’s ever been in his life. Since leaving office, he’s grown his net worth by $70 million, and according to some sources, that’s actually a low-ball estimate. Business Insider reports that the Obamas probably have a much higher net worth than $70 million. When fees for their speaking arrangements, a six-figure pension that all presidents receive, and their Netflix deal are all taken into account — not to mention their new business deals that seem to pop up regularly — the Obamas most likely have a net worth of $135 million. But Barack Obama doesn’t just make his money from speaking fees and pensions....