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Successful Black McDonald's Franchisee Sues McDonald's For Racial Discrimination 

Former Oakland A’s player, community leader, and the man who’s said to have one of the most notable success stories in Black American business history, Herb Washington has filed a lawsuit against fast-food giant McDonald’s. According to Businesswire , the civil rights lawsuit exposes the company’s alleged retaliation and racial discrimination against him as a Black franchisee. Filed by law firm Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway, the complaint claims how McDonald’s “redlined” not only Washington but other Black store owners into its least desirable locations and withheld advantages that are often provided to white store owners. Allegedly the company also systematically dismantled his 27-store chain empire in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York which forced him to sell seven stores in the last three years, all to white owners. Despite the company’s continued setbacks in place against Black franchisee owners, Washington was able to break barriers and become the largest Black McDonald’s...

Feb 19, 2021