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How Coffee Badging Proves Work From Home Is The Future

By now, most office environments allow employees the option of working from home for at least some portion of the week. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic proved that working from home was a viable strategy for many industries, a wide array of employees have expressed that they actually prefer it over commuting into the office. Despite this trend, many executives, land developers and middle managers prefer to have some face time with their employees, believing that in-office standards are responsible for keeping productivity in check. While this may be true for some employees, many others have taken to a new trend called coffee badging, which appears to boost their productivity, while actually reducing the total amount of work they complete in a given day. Coffee badging is the latest cultural buzzword floating around office environments, centering on the flexible nature of the hybrid workspace. In order to break down how it impacts a return-to-office schedule, we’ll first have to...

Jun 10, 2024

How Barack Obama Increased His Net Worth to $70M After Leaving Office

It’s been over four years since former President Barack Obama was in office. During his term he earned the standard $400,000 salary that Business Insider reports every commander-in-chief receives. The business endeavors he made after leaving office, however, were a large contribution to his now $70 million net worth, according to International Business Times. Before Obama took office, he made about $165,000 a year as a senator of Illinois, according to NBC News. During that time he published several books and took off as an author, profiting over $500,000 from author fees in 2006 alone. Years before running for president, his combined income with his wife Michelle Obama, who at the time worked at the University of Chicago Medical Center, was $1.6 million. While in office, a president has a $50,000 annual expense account, $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment, in addition to their $400,000 salary, according to Business Insider . The former president now...

Dec 11, 2020