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Nipsey Hussle Breaks Into The Cannabis Biz With The Opening Of New The Marathon (Collective) Retail Store

“The Marathon Continues” is more than just a slogan for late rapper Nipsey Hussle, whose life was tragically cut short in March 2019. Since his passing, the rapper/entrepreneur has posthumously been at the forefront of multiple business and brand deals in the fashion , film , and tech space. Now, with the help of friends, colleagues, and his elder brother, Samiel “Blacc Sam” Asghedom, another vision of Nipsey’s is coming to fruition. On June 18, The Marathon (Collective), a premier THC and CBD retail store, is set to officially open its doors at 7011 Canoga Ave. in Los Angeles, CA. Legally breaking into the cannabis business has long been a dream of Nipsey Hussle’s and his loved ones have made it their mission to see it through. Photo Credit: Ann Marie Clark “This is something we always spoke about,” says Samiel Asghedom. “Nipsey, Fatts, Adam, and I had a goal to get a legitimately licensed store and have our brand in other stores across the state. We’re so honored to be able to...

Stephanie Ogbogu

May 20, 2022

The Marathon Continues: 8 Ways Nipsey Hussle's Legacy Has Grown Over The Years

On March 31, 2019, Nipsey Hussle tragically passed away. He was only 33-years-old. At the time, the mainstream press reported that Nipsey Hussle was just another rapper who passed away before his time. The Associated Press barely made mention of Hussle’s other businesses — such as The Marathon Clothing Store — in their report about his passing. Fortunately, thanks to the tireless efforts of his friends and family, the legacy of Nipsey Hussle is, today, far and above the reach of merely his music. He had his hand in everything from clothing to affordable housing, and his efforts will be remembered for generations to come. “He was so much of a blessing as a father, entrepreneur, an incredible artist and young mogul,” DJ Khaled said in a follow-up Associated Press report. “We learned a lot from him, and we’re still learning. His music spoke volumes. It touched people in different ways. I was blessed to work with him.” Today, we take a look at the life of Nipsey Hussle, his enduring...