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Shaq’s Food Empire Grows Even Bigger As His Big Chicken Franchise Heads To A $1.5B Sports Arena

Shaq may have an estimated $400 million fortune, but he shows no signs of slowing down. Throughout the years we have seen Shaquille O’Neal tap into various business ventures and rack up an impressive financial portfolio with ownership of over 50 brands, AfroTech previously reported. No stranger to the food industry, though, the Hall of Famer even reportedly became co-owner of Big Chicken with a Las Vegas, NV location alongside his friend Matt Silverman and agent Perry Rogers three years ago. However, it was new territory for O’Neal as it was his first time building a franchise from the ground up. And it seems as though he is faring well, having already launched a second location just last year in Glendale, CA. Plus, CNBC reports that in 2021, Big Chicken started accepting applications for franchises with costs ranging from $450,000 to $1.4 million. In addition, there’s a $40,000 franchise fee, and the restaurant takes five percent of sales and two percent combined for national and...

Nov 16, 2021

Brett Peterson Makes History as NHL's First Black Assistant General Manager

It’s about time! Brett Peterson just became the first Black assistant general manager in the National Hockey League (NHL), reports AP News. Before being hired by The Florida Panthers, Peterson was a former player agent who previously served as vice president of hockey for Wasserman Media Group. He also worked as an NHLPA certified agent for over a decade and played five pro seasons in the minors, ultimately winning a national title upon trading in his skates for a business suit. According to Because of Them We Can (BOTWC), Peterson is a  Massachusetts native who attended Boston College and also works as a consultant for a nonprofit that focuses on providing hockey and mentoring programs for underserved youth and communities. His new role will also include participating in the Panthers foundation to help offer more community initiatives to help create inclusivity in South Florida. Recently, the NHL launched several initiatives aimed at increasing minority participation and inclusion...

Nov 20, 2020

Blake Bolden Makes History as the First and Only Black Woman Scout in the National Hockey League

Blake Bolden just made history as the National Hockey Leagues’ first and only Black female scout! Yahoo! Sports reports that Bolden just made her transition to the league’s business side and is the second woman and first Black woman scout in the NHL. Kim Davis, executive vice president for growth initiative, legislative affairs, and social impact at the NHL has been leading the way in the league’s effort to push for more diversity. Formerly serving as a defender for the Boston Pride of the NWHL, Bolden was a successful hockey player before her deal with the Los Angeles Kings as an NHL scout back in January. “I’d never thought about scouting,” Bolden tells Yahoo! Sports . “ I was at the Kings facility because I was a special guest for the Black Girl Hockey Club, and the Kings wanted to talk to me about women’s hockey, and I think [they] wanted someone for the role of an AHL scout, and [they] asked if I was interested.” Following an extensive process, the 29-year-old began her...

Oct 29, 2020