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Spotify Acquires Black-Led Betty Labs As It Plans To Host More Live Audio Conversations

Spotify will soon host live audio conversations following its acquisition of Betty Labs, creators of the Locker Room app. Spotify shared the news in a press release, stating that this deal builds on its plans to create the “future formats of audio” and make its own original live audio content. Spotify will spend the next few months expanding the Locker Room app to offer more enhanced live audio experiences to attract more creators and fans. “Creators and fans have been asking for live formats on Spotify, and we’re excited that soon, we’ll make them available to hundreds of millions of listeners and millions of creators on our platform,” Spotify Chief Research and Development Officer Gustav Söderström said in a statement. “The world already turns to us for music, podcasts, and other unique audio experiences, and this new live audio experience is a powerful complement that will enhance and extend the on-demand experience we provide today.” Founded by Howard Akumiah in 2018, Betty Labs...

Michelai Graham

Apr 15, 2021

TicketRX Wants To Help Streamline The Legal Process For Ticketed Drivers

No one wants to get pulled over while they’re on the clock, but for commercial drivers, getting a ticket could mean big trouble for their licenses. TicketRX, a platform that works to keep drivers out of court, just got acquired by Multi Service Technology Solutions (MSTS). TicketRX will now function under the MSTS subsidiary Open Road Drivers Plan — formerly known as ORDP — to make tickets a lot less stressful for drivers and their spouses. TicketRX founder Bryan Shannon tells Afrotech that his company’s technology will give ORDP a “facelift” so that ORDP powered by TicketRX can function. “This will ultimately revolutionize the way traffic tickets and compliance-related issues in the CDL industry are handled on a massive scale,” Shannon told AfroTech. Open Road Drivers Plan used to be a legal service provider before taking over TicketRX, and ticketed drivers could call the company’s customer service line to find local lawyers to handle their cases. TicketRX provided a similar...

Arriana McLymore

Mar 20, 2019