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Marques Brownlee's New Sneaker Collaboration Could Lead To More Content Creators Breaking Into Pro Athletes' Territory

What was once an unlikely connection has transformed into a first-of-its-kind creative collaboration in the fashion industry.

Apr 28, 2023

How Marques Brownlee Stumbled Into Building A Platform Of 16 Million Subscribers After One YouTube Review

Sometimes you unknowingly walk into your purpose, which seemed to be a common theme for some on the main stage of the Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective 2023. The multi-day event took place March 21-22, gathering diverse content creators from all over to support them along their journeys of turning their passion into profit with 40 hours of programming. From #TeamGalaxy’s Jaden Smith and Harry Hudson speaking on maintaining your authenticity as a creator to keynote speaker Marques Brownlee, or MKBHD, sharing insight into his journey, there was something valuable for everyone to take away — whether you were an aspiring creator looking to get in the game or already established your footing. Creators like Brownlee — who happens to be the latter — appear to make it look easy, but people may not be aware of the years he’s put in to build his platform making tech videos.

Apr 7, 2023