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This Zillow Exec Wants to Reshape the Face of Tech

The tech industry has a long way to go when it comes to building gender and racial diversity. Companies like Facebook, Uber, and Google release annual reports tracking their diversity progress, while smaller firms figure things out along the way. Plus, diversity and inclusion executives have become more common as companies try to navigate building effective workplaces for a variety of people. Lionel Lee, the head of diversity engagement at Zillow, says that feeling isolated in previous recruiter positions helped influence his work today. Since 2016, Lee has assisted in creating initiatives, programs, and network centers around inclusion. “There were very few people who looked like me. Most of the time, I was the only one,” Lee said. “I found it difficult at times to even go into work eventually. I had to make money, and I had a child that I was trying to support, so I would suppress all of those feelings and just do the job.” However, going through the motions began to take a toll...

Oct 23, 2019