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Automated Bots Buying Up Online Goods May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past — Here's How

The time has come to put an end to bots purchasing and reselling online goods at ridiculous amounts! According to a press release, House and Senate Democrats have reintroduced the “Stopping Grinch Bots Act” to lay down the law when it comes to bots that capitalize off of purchasing goods on the internet. “The bicameral bill will crack down on cyber Grinches using ‘bot’ technology to quickly buy up whole inventories of popular holiday toys and resell them to parents at higher prices,” said the lawmakers in an official statement.

Dec 6, 2021

The CBC Introduces New Bill to Help Black Girls Pursue Careers in STEM

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) introduced a new bill that strives to decrease employment and criminal justice disparities in the Black community. Named the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020, the legislation is divided into two parts, reports NewsOne . The jobs portion covers a wide range of issues, including workforce development, housing, wealth building, and education. Specifically, the bill will help Black girls with opportunities to pursue careers in STEM fields, among other incentives like Black-owned businesses, personal finance, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities . With the inclusion of the CBC’s Justice in Policing Act of 2020, the multi-tiered second section details criminal justice reform in various ways, such as improving transparency in policing and creating meaningful, structural change, the CBC legislation reads. Ultimately, the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020 aims to “increase the upward social mobility of Black families, and help ensure equal protection...

Sep 16, 2020

TRACED Act: A Bipartisan Effort Designed to Attack Robocaller Culture

A recent Senate vote may bring relief to billions. The TRACED Act, designed to attack the Robocaller culture , has moved a step closer to being approved. Having already obtained approvals in the senate, its next and final destination is the President’s review. Formally known as the Pallone-Thune Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence act, named after the robocall prevention efforts of Democratic and Republican senators Frank Pallone and John Thune, TRACED is truly a bipartisan effort . Given today’s volatile political climate, it represents a step forward for bilateral collaboration. The TRACED Act shifts the responsibility of handling nuisance calls from recipients to carriers. It requires carriers to find effective ways of blocking robocalls , and it prevents them from offloading call-block charges onto customers. It also increases the scope of authority that the FCC has over carriers, and levies steeper fines on those who violate established communication...

Dec 20, 2019