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After Once Making $12K A Year, Lauren Simmons Says She Brings In $650K Annually And Saves 85 Percent

Lauren Simmons is the perfect example of a story about turning tragedy into triumph. In an op-ed for CNBC, the history-making Wall Street trader talked about how her journey was full of twists and turns — but it was her humble origins that kept her grounded. “One thing I’ve noticed is that, in general, most people have poor spending habits and struggle to save money. It may sound intense, but I save 85% of my annual income,” she explained. Additionally, Lauren Simmons also went into great detail about the difference between her needs and her wants. She saves money by taking care of her housing expenses upfront, splitting the cost of “treats” (like streaming service subscriptions) with other members of her family, plus ditching gym fees and taking part in free and outdoor activities to take care of her physical fitness. She also explained how she likes to travel — and saves money by traveling during the “off-season” instead of the peak season. Sometimes, she said, she can save up to...

Lauren Simmons Just Became VP At A Private Equity Firm

Lauren Simmons–the woman who gained fame as the youngest trader on the New York Stock Exchange at 23-years-old–announced on Instagram today that she is the new Vice President of Investment Risk at CTRL USA, a private equity firm. Simmons graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2016 and began working as an equity trader for Rosenblatt Securities in March 2017, according to her LinkedIn account. Simmons has also been shedding light on her journey as a women empowerment public speaker. According to Crunch Base, CTRL USA was founded in 2014 and has raised about $9 million across two funds. It looks like Simmons’ latest milestone will have to be added to the storyline of her upcoming biopic , previously announced last year, as well.

Jan 3, 2019