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Despite The Changing Job Landscape, Report Shows Black People Still Face Challenges In The Labor Force

Grandma and ‘nem always told us, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” When it comes to racial biases and prejudices in the workforce, there’s a draining repetition of occurrences that never surprises Black and Brown folk. This phenomenon around racial biases against people of color is pervasive in the world, but it rears its ugly head in the job space quite frequently. From wage and payment gaps to a lack of professional development, Black and Brown people consistently face challenges that show great inequity in business and entrepreneurship. Carta — an ownership and equity management platform — releases a yearly report that explores the demographics and trends that highlight these issues, with some focus points on the ecosystem of venture capital and startup organizations. This year’s report from Carta explored some new assessment points like expanded geographic data, the effects of parenthood related to gender, and investor-specific demographics.

Dec 14, 2022