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Michael Jordan Reportedly Projected To 'Earn A Fortune' From Lionel Messi's PSG Deal Alongside Jeff Bezos

Move over Jeff Bezos , and make room for basketball legend and billionaire Michael Jordan as his price just went up for the umpteenth time! Entrepreneur reports Lionel Messi’s recent contract earlier this month with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) not only was a celebratory deal for the Argentine soccer icon, but also for Jordan’s accounts, making him about $47.5 million richer, according to projections. Michael Jordan is alongside Amazon’s founder and former CEO Bezos, who is also projected to earn several million in the aftermath of Messi’s agreement to a two-year PSG contract. So, we have questions. How exactly will Michael Jordan make a profit from PSG’s total earnings? Why is Lionel Messi’s PSG deal a major win for the billionaire? And, the question you’ve all been waiting for, what is Jordan’s net worth looking like in 2021?

Ngozi Nwanji

Aug 19, 2021