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This Detroit Startup Wants to Take the Biases Out of Networking

When you’re a startup founder, networking can be a full-time job in itself. Endless hours are spent schmoozing with potential investors, finding the right people for the team, and connecting with people who may benefit from the business. James Chapman — the founder and CEO of Plain Sight — wants to streamline how entrepreneurs network. Plain Sight is an app that connects professionals at conferences, in coworking spaces and other events only using bios. “If you go to networking events, you’re probably going to end up talking to the person who is sitting next to you at the bar because they’re the closest to you,” Chapman said. “The person that you’re actually more aligned with may be all the way on the other side of the room.” The app does not show users’ names or profile pictures, so members have to make connections completely based on people’s bios and professional credentials. Chapman said he wants his app to alleviate some of the unconscious biases that go along with networking....

Nov 19, 2019