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Couple Sues After Their Home's Worth Went From $472K To $750K Due To Removing Any Indication That It Had Black Residents

Sometimes there’s a thin line between work and real life. For one John Hopkins University professor, after teaching lessons to students about redlining, or the act of refusing a loan or insurance to someone because they live in an area deemed to be a “poor financial risk,” he is experiencing housing discrimination himself. Professor Nathan Connolly teaches the history of redlining in America by day. Unfortunately, by night, his own family has become the target of housing discrimination, according to a report from The New York Times. Although the professor and his wife Dr. Shani Mott were optimistic about the value of their home increasing after conducting renovations that totaled in the amount of $35,000, on top of another $5,000 for a new tankless water heater, the couple was met with an underwhelming offer.

Aug 18, 2022