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Dennis Barnes Applies To 200 Schools, Makes U.S. History With The Most Received College And University Offers

A high school senior’s eager pursuit of where to attend college has led him to make history in the process.

Apr 25, 2023

Makenzie Thompson Applied To 51 Colleges And Now Has 49 Acceptances With Over $1M In Scholarship Offers

The college application process can spur fear in many high schoolers, but the power of betting on yourself will always take you far. It’s that mentality that has led Georgia high school senior Makenzie Thompson to academic excellence, according to CNN. The 18-year-old, who is described as a “star student throughout high school,” applied to 51 universities and has since received 49 acceptance letters along with over $1 million in scholarship offers. The leap of faith came after Thompson attended college fairs and received fee waivers, the outlet reports. As of now, she only has one pending letter. “It was a very, very good experience, just to see your hard work paying off and getting to see them just pile up in a folder,” she said, according to CNN. “My family is ecstatic. Getting 49 acceptances and over 1.3 million, they’re like ‘wow, you’re going places.'”

Mar 29, 2022

First-Generation College Student Omarion Ikaika Calloway Earns $1.3M In Scholarships And 21 Acceptances

Everyone has a story to tell, but for Omarion Ikaika Calloway, becoming a storyteller might just be the ultimate dream career and he’s one step closer! According to USA Today, the high school senior has been accepted into 21 colleges and universities and could soon be on his way to his dream school as the first in his family to ever pursue higher education. Calloway, who is committed to becoming a storyteller, credits his grandmother for encouraging him to apply to his dream school, New York University. At the age of 10, he became her caretaker and would even read her some of the stories he’d written upon tucking her in for bed at night. Now that she has since transitioned, he aims to keep the dreams she had for him alive through his work. “My grandmother…inspired me to apply to NYU,” he said in an interview with the outlet.

Mar 21, 2022

Nicholas Watson Defies The Odds And Graduates With The Highest GPA In His School's History

This former high school senior has defied the odds! According to ArkLaTex, Nicholas Watson is a former student at Arkansas High School where he is breaking records having earned the highest GPA in the school’s history. At a young age, Watson was diagnosed with both autism and ADHD and was told that he would never be able to read or comprehend math. Thankfully those people were wrong because, today, Watson persevered and has done exceedingly well academically. Today he has been accepted to 45 different colleges and universities across the nation. Watson has also received more than $1.5 million in scholarship offers and graduated as the class valedictorian with a 4.8- grade point average (GPA).   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Nicholas Watson (@nicholas_f._watson) “Overall, I’m just grateful to have an opportunity to be where I am right now because I wasn’t ever meant to be here,” said Watson. “Besides autism and ADHD, they said I wasn’t ever going to comprehend, read,...

Jul 12, 2021

18-Year-Old Samuel Lyons Gets Accepted Into 40 Colleges, Awarded Over $1.6M In Scholarships

When it comes to racking up those college acceptance letters and coins for his tuition, one high school senior has got it covered. According to KVUE, Samuel Lyons is the Franklin High School (FHS) senior who has not only been admitted to 40 colleges but has been offered more than $1.6 million in scholarship money too. While the admission letters keep rolling in, it’s still only the beginning of May, so a guidance counselor at the school reveals that the list could continue to grow. “We started in August 2020 doing his college applications and he has diligently been working at home applying to colleges while virtual,” shared Guidance Counselor Ale Massenburg. “I do not believe this is all of his scholarship money or acceptance letters . We have completed several other scholarships from different organizations that we are waiting on. I believe that he will get those also.” Thus far Lyons has been admitted to the University of Richmond, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth...

May 10, 2021