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Hemp Is A Super Plant, But Access For Black Farmers Is Slim To None

Hemp may be a super plant but access to the crop for Black farmers is still an everyday struggle. “Farming is still very much white-male dominated,” said Clarenda “Farmer Cee” Stanley of Green Heffa Farms in an email interview with AfroTech. There aren’t a lot of women in the farming space, let alone Black women, specifically when it comes to medicinal plants so people like Farmer Cee understand firsthand the obstacles Black people face when it comes to not only growing but seeing a profit from the hemp plant. So, what exactly is hemp? “Hemp is Cannabis sativa, the same plant that THC rich cannabis aka “weed” [comes from],” shared Farmer Cee. “They have different chemotypes for the most part although there are some hemp cultivars that are higher in THC as well. In addition to being the consummate medicinal plant, it has tremendous industrial applications from biofuel to plastics to fiber.” Industrial applications that Joseph Fordyce Jr. aims to take advantage of through his company,...

Apr 20, 2021