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Hajj Flemings Created Rebrand Cities To Help Founders Build From Where They Are

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to build a tech empire thanks to innovators like this! Hajj Flemings is the founder of Rebrand Cities, a global design partnership created with with a goal to get 10,000 small businesses online. “I think historically if you look at the DNA of Black and Latinx people, we have always had a creative DNA in us,” said Flemings on the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money with host Will Lucas. “We’re typically in a situation where there are high barriers of entry, there are access issues, but still we always figure out a way to do more with less,” he continued. For Flemings, it’s super important that Black founders and creatives understand that they don’t have to flee to Silicon Valley just to make their entrepreneurship dreams come true. He shares insight on what founders can do if they do decide to stay in a place where it seems things like building an app can’t be done. “In all of these cities, there are anchors,” Flemings...

Jun 22, 2021