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Meet LaToya Drake, Google’s First-Ever Head Of Media Representation

When the Google News Initiative (GNI) first announced they were tackling the issue of “diversity,” many thought it was just another sop to progress. But, as it turned out, the move was — at least on the surface — genuine. But that didn’t mean that its new and first-ever head of media representation, LaToya Drake, didn’t face her fair share of issues when she first got there. “In the beginning, it was rough for a number of reasons,” she said to AfroTech. “But through a great confluence of events at the Google News Initiative, I was able to shift the perception and the goal of the role. It became ‘hot,’ if you will, to care about these sorts of things. But, as I tell everyone I work with, this is a movement , not a moment. ” As a founding member of the GNI, as it’s known, Drake provides television and radio commentary on news, social media, and pop culture trends, usually on high-profile outlets and news programs. The goal, ultimately, is to not only change the conversation around the...