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Google For Startups Opens Applications For Black And Latino Founders Fund

Google has launched its latest round of funds for Black and brown founders.

Feb 28, 2023

Jewel Burks Solomon & Joey Womack Are On A Mission To Level The Playing Field For Black Founders

One of the biggest ways to contribute to the success of Black startups in America is to level the playing field. Jewel Burks Solomon and Joey Womack are on a mission to do just that as they work to elevate Black startup founders and eliminate the relationship gap hindering the success of those without direct access to coastal financial centers. While it’s no easy feat, Solomon says that the war wounds and bruises along the way have inspired her to keep going. “The bruises were motivation, I didn’t want other people to have the same knocks that I had in my journey. So, it was pretty clear to me what I needed to do next,” she shared with Black Tech Green Money’s Will Lucas. “I saw that there were big problems, problems that I experienced when I was growing and building my own company that I needed to go and solve. Being the entrepreneur that I am, I needed to go and attack those problems. I saw taking on the role as head of Google for Startups as a great platform and a great way to...

Oct 5, 2021

With Elev8 Ventures, Founder Tunji Fadiora Plans To Take Minority Founders To The Next Level

After attending Florida A&M University for four years, Tunji Fadiora decided to drop out to launch Creative Culture Media in Jacksonville, FL. While working to provide support for small businesses, Fadiora was compelled to enhance his efforts to help entrepreneurs. Designed to cater to Black and brown founders, Elev8 Ventures was launched in 2018. The entrepreneurial community is committed to providing substantial resources to spur development for minority founders. Fadiora wanted to ensure individuals had access to competitive programs not contingent upon their economic status or geographical location. “We are evening the playing field. Resources are very accessible to certain groups of people in certain economic groups but Black and brown founders, people who look like us, are not used to having resources,” Fadiora told AfroTech. “So, we want to focus on the people who need these services more.”

Sep 25, 2021

This Co-Founding Couple Closed a $2.3M Raise to Connect Beauty Stylists With Business-Building Blocks

Rarely do we get a chance to see married couples highlighted for running successful businesses, but husband and wife co-founders Courtney Caldwell and Tye Caldwell are setting a model example for what good business looks like in a solid partnership. The Caldwells, who are 30-year industry veterans and the leaders of mobile marketplace ShearShare , created their business to connect salon and barbershop owners to licensed stylists in order to fill their empty salon space by the day, especially in the midst of COVID-19. “Stylists are re-imagining how, when, and where they work,” CEO and Doctor of Professional Barbering & Cosmetology Tye Caldwell said in a press statement. “As the second largest industry for freelancers turns its attention to a new operating normal, many beauty and barbering professionals are taking time to revisit their priorities, including how to better manage operating costs, maximize revenue per days worked, and access professional workspace on-demand.” ShearShare...

Nov 4, 2020