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Genius and HP Partner to Give Producers Opportunity to Make Hits With New Soundboard

Since its inception in 2009, Genius has grown from a digital platform that solely interprets songs lyrics to a dominating entity in music media . Now, the company, which produces content about music construction , is launching sound creation software to help facilitate artful collaborations. On Monday (July 20), Genius announced “Genius Home Studio,” a multi-part program in partnership with HP that allows artists to create an original song using the Genuis Home Studio soundboard pre-loaded with beat packs. “Genius Home Studio celebrates the special community that forms around the creation of a song. Artists have always found ways to create and collaborate using whatever tools at their disposal, and that spirit of ingenuity is especially poignant today,” said Michael Heal , Genius’s Head of Branded Content. “We’re excited to team up with HP and give fans a look inside what that creative process looks like right now.” The news kicks off a competition, where contestants can win an HP...

Niki McGloster

Jul 21, 2020

6 YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe to

Streaming has surged in recent weeks, and to ease the traffic, YouTube has limited its video quality. For the foreseeable future, users will first see their video of choice in standard definition, says Bloomberg . To get the HD experience, they will have to toggle that mode. However, viewing vids in SD doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should cut back on the service. YouTube is still overflowing with useful content that you now have more time to consume. From entertaining tutorials to informational vlogs, there are countless channels that educate, inspire, and boost creativity. Here are five that business owners should tune into. Roberto Blake Creative entrepreneur and business coach Roberto Blake has a channel that is never short on business and branding tips. Looking for ways to rebrand during this downtime? Need ways to make passive income? Go on a deep dive into his channel. Deconstructed Genius has a handful of entertaining series. But with Deconstructed, viewers get a chance to watch...

Niki McGloster

Mar 29, 2020

Google Says It Uses Third-Party Providers For Lyrics Following Genius' Theft Allegations

Earlier this week, Genius accused Google of stealing lyrics straight from its site . Genius says it caught Google after it put unique patterns in lyrics by alternating the font of apostrophes between curly and straight. When converted to Morse code, those sequences spelled out “red handed.” Now, Google has responded to Genius’ claims with a blog post by Satyajeet Salgar, the company’s Group Product Manager for Search. The post says that Google gets all of its lyrics from third-party providers. Salgar wrote: “Here’s something you might not know: music publishers often don’t have digital copies of the lyrics text. In these cases, we—like music streaming services and other companies—license the lyrics text from third parties. We do not crawl or scrape websites to source these lyrics. The lyrics that you see in information boxes on Search come directly from lyrics content providers, and they are updated automatically as we receive new lyrics and corrections on a regular basis.” Salgar...

Vanessa Taylor

Jun 19, 2019

Genius Says It Used Morse Code To Prove Google Was Stealing Lyrics From Its Site

Most people sing along to their favorite artists all the time, only to realize they were getting the lyrics completely wrong. That’s where sites like come in. For years, Genius has provided lyrics to songs along with annotations in order to help people better understand the meaning behind the music they listen to. Now, Genius says its traffic has been dropping over the past several years, and that Google is partly to blame. Google has been publishing lyrics on its own platform as well. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal , Genius claims that Google is copying and displaying its lyrics. Genius first became suspicious in 2016 when the company got exclusive access to lyrics for Desiigner’s “Panda.” Anyone who’s heard the song knows the lyrics aren’t super easy to pick out. Somehow, Google was one of the few sites without any errors. In 2017, Genius notified Google that it knew what was going on. The WSJ reported that Genius’ most recent warning was in April,...

Vanessa Taylor

Jun 17, 2019