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Sickle Cell Patient Jimi Olaghere Got A Chance At A New Life Thanks To Technology

The sickle cell disease has plagued Black people for decades. However, with a new advancement in technology, people living with the disease have been given another chance. Take Jimi Olaghere, for example, who has lived with sickle cell for his entire life, but thanks to a new clinical trial, things are looking up, per reports from BBC. After reading an article about a new clinical trial using gene editing to help treat those living with sickle cell, Jimi Olaghere immediately contacted the medical team in charge. After just a month, he and his wife Amanda took a trek to Nashville, Tennessee’s Sarah Cannon Research Institute to see if he qualified. He recalls learning the news that he did indeed qualify and called it “the best Christmas present ever.” As someone who’s lived with the disease since his childhood, Olaghere has had to face the challenges that come with sickle cell for his entire life. “You always have to be in a war mindset, knowing that your days are going to be filled...

Feb 24, 2022

Meet Victoria Gray, The Thriving Sickle Cell Patient Who Was The First To Be Treated With CRISPR Gene Editing

When used for good, technology can be life-changing! According to NPR, the first sickle cell patient to be treated with CRISPR gene editing is still thriving nearly a year following her trial of the experimental treatment. “I’m doing great,” shared 36-year-old Victoria Gray in an interview of an update of her status since undergoing the treatments. Thanks to the technology that genetically modified her blood cells to keep them working, Gray is now free from complications that have taken over her life since birth.

Jan 4, 2022