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How TikTok's "Loud Budgeting" Will Help Reach Your Financial Goals

From seeing birthday vacations to Mexico or weekly spa visits on social media, it’s easy to feel like you should spend your money on life’s luxuries. But if you have plans to pay off your debts or build up your savings, the need for financial limits is crucial to reaching your goals. The latest financial trend taking over TikTok is “loud budgeting,” the no-shame approach to discussing financial boundaries and personal financial limits. As “loud budgeting” gains momentum, its bold approach to financial management becomes increasingly recognized and supported by financial experts due to the data on American spending in recent years. According to a November survey of 2,098 adults conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Credit Karma, 69% of Americans reported having financial regrets in 2023. Additionally, 53% stated that their financial situation deteriorated last year, with 31% expressing regret over not saving enough money and 22% lamenting excessive spending. The numbers show that...

Feb 16, 2024

Let’s Have A Super Real Chat About Life Insurance, Shall We?

Be honest: how much thought have you put into financial planning? Depending on where you are in life, you might think that you’re not making enough money for that to be a concern; or that you’re too young to be thinking about retirement or life insurance. But the truth is it’s never too early to take the necessary steps to set yourself and your family up for the future. And the idea that financial planning is one of the best ways for people of color to start leveling the playing field when it comes to generational wealth really is a thing. Especially if those plans include a life insurance policy. Now before we go any further, let’s dispel some of the shame and judgment that exists around this sensitive topic. Yes, communities of color remain severely under protected when it comes to life insurance. Yes, Grandma’s house could have stayed in the family longer if only she’d had life insurance. But if you’ve ever made a slick comment about someone’s family having to turn to...

Oct 13, 2023