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Kevin Liles-Led 300 Entertainment Sells To Warner Music For A Whopping $400M

Kevin Liles continues to make money moves in the music industry. In a recent press release, it was revealed that the independent label 300 Entertainment — which Liles heads up — has just been sold to Warner Music Group in a deal that’s reportedly worth $400 million. As part of the deal, Kevin Liles will be appointed Chairman & CEO across 300 and Elektra Music Group. And while the day-to-day operations of Elektra — which distributes Fueled By Ramen, Roadrunner Records, Low Country Sound, DTA Records, and Public Consumption — will continue to be run by Co-Presidents Mike Easterlin and Gregg Nadel. “At 300, we’re all about freedom – the freedom to create, the freedom to be intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, the freedom to make music that changes the world,” he said in a statement provided in the press release. “Independence is in our DNA and the team at Warner is like family, which makes this a natural evolution for us to do bigger family business. It’s the perfect home for 300 artists...

Rapper Fetty Wap Talks Going Head-First Into Crypto And NFTs, 'You Can't Afford Not To Educate Yourself'

Of all the buzzwords and concepts in the tech sector today, cryptocurrency is perhaps the most misunderstood. Although many people can’t tell the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency (in a nutshell: all crypto is digital currency, but not all digital currency is crypto), even more people have huge misconceptions about cryptocurrency (no, it will not destabilize the American dollar — Wall Street’s habit of playing blackjack with our retirement funds is doing a great job of that on their own). And, of course not a day goes by when we’re not inundated with Direct Messages from Insta-scammers who swear we can get rich off of crypto if we just give them money (all while they’re conflating Forex and crypto, which is nothing if not hilarious). Fetty Wap, however, doesn’t have any of those problems. “Thankfully, my brother filled me in on the world of cryptocurrency,” he told AfroTech. “I had a lot of questions — like everyone, really — but fortunately, he was educated...