Of all the buzzwords and concepts in the tech sector today, cryptocurrency is perhaps the most misunderstood.

Although many people can’t tell the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency (in a nutshell: all crypto is digital currency, but not all digital currency is crypto), even more people have huge misconceptions about cryptocurrency (no, it will not destabilize the American dollar — Wall Street’s habit of playing blackjack with our retirement funds is doing a great job of that on their own). And, of course not a day goes by when we’re not inundated with Direct Messages from Insta-scammers who swear we can get rich off of crypto if we just give them money (all while they’re conflating Forex and crypto, which is nothing if not hilarious).

Fetty Wap, however, doesn’t have any of those problems.

“Thankfully, my brother filled me in on the world of cryptocurrency,” he told AfroTech. “I had a lot of questions — like everyone, really — but fortunately, he was educated enough to answer them thoroughly. And after he explained it to me, I realized that this was the wave of the future.”

Fetty Wap (real name: Willie Maxwell II) wasn’t afraid to go all-in as he entered the Wild West of technology — and he proved it by his recent appearance at the GROW.HOUSE Event during the Bitcoin Miami conference a few weeks ago.

GROW.HOUSE is a Farmville-like game, where users can grow digital cannabis, earn $GROW tokens, collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and learn about yield farming. Users can also plant cryptocurrencies in the yield farms, where they can earn yield rewards. Players can choose to work together or alone and do their part to live, play, and GROW in the Cannaverse world. The game is made for mass consumer adoption, taking the social gaming elements of Farmville and combining them with the revolutionary aspects of yield farming to bring DeFi to the masses in a fun gamified way.

“So for me, it wasn’t just about getting to know about cryptocurrency,” he said. “It was also about understanding what NFTs are, how they’re going to play a role in the future of artistry, and how they can generate money. You know, as a musician, I have to obviously think about the future of my projects — and the new and exciting ways my music can make money. And I can easily fathom a world where I release an NFT of my music, get paid in cryptocurrency and keep all my assets in the digital space.”

Whether the Wild West of cryptocurrency and NFTs becomes a permanent paradigm change remains to be seen — because while crypto is nothing if not volatile, it seems to be a viable fiat. NFTs, on the other hand, are still debatable in terms of viability — some experts think they’re the wave of the future, others do not.

Still, Fetty Wap highly recommends his fanbase to get involved in both crypto and NFTs — but only to dive in head-first when they’re sure they know what they’re doing.

“Look, there’s something new to learn every day in this world,” he said. “You can’t afford not to educate yourself.

Editorial note: Portions of this interview have been edited and condensed for clarity.