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Georgia Resident Wrongly Arrested For Nearly A Week Due To A False Match From A Facial Recognition Tool

Technology is a powerful tool, but it can also work in the opposite of one’s favor.

Ngozi Nwanji

Jan 3, 2023

Black Teen Wrongly Identified Then Kicked Out Of A Skating Rink Thanks To Facial Recognition Technology

Technology doesn’t always work in our favor. After facial recognition software wrongly identified a Black teen at a local skating rink in Michigan, her parents want some answers. “To me, it’s basically racial profiling,” said the teen’s mother, Juliea Robinson. “You’re just saying every young Black, brown girl with glasses fits the profile and that’s not right.” According to Fox 2 Detroit, Riverside Arena skating rink’s facial recognition software misidentified Lamya Robinson which ultimately led to her being kicked out and denied access into the venue. “I was like, that is not me. Who is that?” said Lamya. “I was confused because I’ve never been there.” When her parents dropped her off at the rink on Saturday, they expected her to spend the day having fun and hanging out with friends but she didn’t even make it into the venue. Lamya was denied entry after her face was scanned and the rink accused her of being involved in a brawl at the venue back in March. “You all put my daughter...

Shanique Yates

Jul 15, 2021