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How to Negotiate a Raise Successfully

Are you underpaid compared to your peers? Have you taken on more responsibilities at work without a salary increase? You probably need to advocate for a raise — a task most people find daunting, especially the first time. But you can do it, given the right strategy, proper preparation, and a little confidence. Determine the Right Strategy The first step is to determine what strategy will be the most effective. Who has decision-making authority over your possible salary increase? It may be your immediate supervisor. Depending on your company’s process and your supervisor’s personality, a direct, fact-based appeal may be the most successful approach. But the decision-maker might be two levels above that person, or there may be multiple decision-makers. Some may be persuaded by logic. To appeal to others, you may need to pander a bit. Do Your Research Being able to prove you are underpaid relative to your peers can strengthen your argument for a raise. Find salary data for comparable...


Nov 3, 2020