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Beacon Power Services Raises $2.7M To Help Increase Access To Electricity Across Africa

The phrase “NEPA took the light” is something that you hear quite often in Nigeria. The acronym stands for the National Electric Power Authority, the former name for the company that keeps the power running in the country. Now, named the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, electricity cutting off sporadically continues to be an ongoing issue. In 2014, Beacon Power Services (BPS) founder and chief executive officer Bimbola Adisa launched his company to help improve electricity access in not only Nigeria but across Africa, TechCrunch reports. A report says that in 2020, 77 percent of Sub-Saharan African countries had no access to electricity, having to turn to alternatives like generators. After eight years invested in providing energy management software and analytics for utilities, BPS has recently raised $2.7 million, according to the outlet. “Africa is home to the fastest growing cities in the world, but when most people think of energy access in Africa, they think of the rural...

Aug 5, 2022

Cameroonian Goalkeeper Andre Onana Brings Electricity to His Mom's Hometown

Many may not realize it, but there are still countries in Africa that live in darkness without access to electricity. According to The Economist , the continent is home to almost a fifth of the world’s population, but only accounts for less than 4 percent of global electricity use, and urban communities are faced with the most challenges. In an effort to solve this issue, Face 2 Face Africa reports that Dutch goalkeeper Andre Onana is bringing light to the native people of Mengueme in the small town of Ossoessam, Cameroon — a place his mother once called home. Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana has funded an electric grid to provide electricity for his mother's hometown in Mengueme, Cameroon 👏 — B/R Football (@brfootball) August 10, 2020 Onana — through his gesture — funded an electric grid that has been able to provide citizens of Ossoessam with the vital energy resource they need, according to Bleacher Report’s Twitter. Actu Cameroun reports Onana has made it a...

Aug 13, 2020