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E-40 Reflects On Building His Family-Owned, Black-Owned Business From The Ground Up With 'No Investors, No Nothing'

E-40 not only excels in the food and spirits industry but also holds complete control over his brand.

Nov 20, 2023

E-40 Launches Vodka Brand As He Continues To Be What He Calls 'The Epitome Of Black-Owned Business'

It’s clear that E-40 isn’t letting up anytime soon as a certified businessman.

Mar 17, 2023

Exclusive: How E-40 Went From Rapper To What He Calls 'The Epitome Of Black-Owned Business' By Investing In Himself

E-40 always knew he would be successful. In an exclusive interview with AfroTech, E-40 — whose real name is Earl Tywone Stevens Sr. — revealed he had a self-motivated spirit nurtured early on by those closest to him. He still credits his uncle, Saint Charles Thurman, as a mentor to this day. Saint Charles Thurman owned a painting company and played an instrumental role in teaching E-40 the ins and outs of the business. Outside of his venture, he was well-known as a soul singer and also released his own records in the 1970s. Therefore, E-40 believed he could also pursue his passion for music and all things in between because he saw it firsthand with his uncle. Fast forward and E-40 has become a permanent fixture in Hip-Hop history thanks to a staggering music catalog that includes “Sprinkle Me,” and “Tell Me When to Go.” He has remained relevant for over three decades and has kept his adolescent promises alive by building a business empire that includes Goon With The Spoon and Earl...

Aug 24, 2022