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Hip-Hop Innovator DJ Screw Used To Sell $15K Worth of Mixtapes Per Day

There would be no chopped-and-screwed mix without the legend that is DJ Screw… but did you know he was also quite the entrepreneur? Wednesday (Nov. 16) marks 22 years since the world lost the legend that is DJ Screw. Yet, his legacy lives on forever. Not only did the musician, whose real name was Robert Earl Davis Jr., come in and completely change the game by literally altering the way we listen to music, but DJ Screw was also quite the entrepreneur and it started with a few friends paying him $10 to record slowed-down versions of mixtapes, Texas Monthly reports.  

Nov 15, 2022

Hip-Hop Meets Tech: How The Chopstars Collective Keeps Houston’s Chopped and Screwed Movement Alive

When Hip-Hop meets tech, you get late Houston legend DJ Screw who innovated recording technology in a way that birthed a chopped and screwed movement that still exists today. In an effort to carry on Screw’s music legacy, Houston music authority OG Ron C founded The Chopstars — a Houston-based collective of DJs and turntablists — to preserve the chopped and screwed technique. The Chopstars — which consists of members like DJ Candlestick, DJ Lil Steve, DJ Hollygrove, and others — all adopted this special technique and have managed to maintain its momentum in the music industry for nearly two decades. “Chopping and screwing, in essence, is turntablism/DJing,” The Chopstars’ DJ Slim K shared. “What makes it innovative is the fact that it’s one of, if not, the only DJ technique [that exists] in 2020 where you still have to use turntable skills.” Unlike today’s class of DJs who heavily rely on recording technology to do most of the work for them, The Chopstars make use of their skills to...

Dec 4, 2020