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Denver Broncos Quarterback Russell Wilson Now Has The Second-Largest Contract In NFL History

Russell Wilson is getting to the money with his latest contract as a long-term quarterback for the Denver Broncos. According to Forbes, the team signed the Super Bowl champion to a contract extension that marks the second-largest contract in NFL history.

Sep 1, 2022

Lewis Hamilton Becomes The Latest Addition To The Denver Broncos' Ownership Group

Yet another esteemed, Black figure has become a part of the Denver Broncos ownership group. Lewis Hamilton has recently joined the likes of Mellody Hobson and Condoleezza Rice. Lewis Hamilton has joined the ownership team of the Denver Broncos 🏈 — ESPN F1 (@ESPNF1) August 2, 2022  

Aug 2, 2022

Mellody Hobson To Be An Owner Of The Denver Broncos

Mellody Hobson is set to join a small group of Black women who have an equity stake in a National Football League (NFL) team. Most recently, Hobson managed to put her bid in to purchase the Denver Broncos thanks to a partnership with an ownership group.

Jun 9, 2022

Could Byron Allen Become The First Black NFL Team Owner? — 'I Will Be Making A Bid For The Denver Broncos'

It appears that another Black mogul is gearing up to possibly become the first Black majority owner of a National Football League (NFL) team. In January 2021, AfroTech previously shared that while the Denver Broncos going up for sale in the NFL offseason was initially pending, Robert F. Smith shared his interest in placing a bid on the team. By Feb. 1, the football team officially went up for sale — commencing the bidding war. Since then, a source close with Smith disclosed that the billionaire isn’t planning to make a purchase, according to Denver’s 9 News. “Robert’s priorities right now are on the fight for voting rights and economic justice rather than being…an owner of a team,’’ said the source. “He continues to be most focused on how he can best help underserved communities gain access to capital, healthcare, education, and the ballot box. Pursuing ownership of the Broncos is not on his radar right now.” With Smith reportedly stepping out of the possibility of making history,...

Feb 10, 2022

Former Miami Dolphins Coach Brian Flores Files Lawsuit Against The NFL, Teams For Alleged 'Racism In Hiring'

Is this how we’re kicking off Black History Month? Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores will officially sue the National Football League (NFL) for “racism in hiring” per reports from ESPN. He will also sue individual teams for the same alleged racist practices, which include the Denver Broncos, the New York Giants, and the Dolphins. “God has gifted me with a special talent to coach the game of football, but the need for change is bigger than my personal goals,” said Flores in a statement surrounding the news. “In making the decision to file the class action complaint today, I understand that I may be risking coaching the game that I love and that has done so much for my family and me. My sincere hope is that by standing up against systemic racism in the NFL, others will join me to ensure that positive change is made for generations to come.”

Feb 2, 2022

Billionaire Robert F. Smith Could Become The First Black Owner Of An NFL Team In The Sport's 101-Year History

Billionaire Robert F. Smith could be making history in the near future. According to Bleacher Report, the Denver Broncos could be up for sale in the NFL offseason. If indeed, the Broncos go up for sale, Smith has expressed an interest in bidding on the team. The Broncos are reportedly worth $3.75 billion. “If Denver is put up for sale, it will likely be through an auction because it is under the Patrick D. Bowlen Trust,” reports the outlet, who added that the sale of the team would benefit the seven Bowlen children. What’s more, the outlet confirms that as part of the deal with the trust, the beneficiaries of the trust would have to honor the highest bid for the team. “If the team is put up for sale, a legal source familiar with the Broncos’ ownership transition told 9News that it would likely be through auction because the team is under the Patrick D. Bowlen Trust umbrella,” Denver’s 9News reported. “This means the trustees would have a fiduciary responsibility to the trust’s...

Is Jay-Z Buying The Denver Broncos With Jeff Bezos?

Jay-Z may become an NFL team owner. Bleacher Report reveals that the rapper-turned-billionaire mogul is reportedly in talks of buying the Denver Broncos, which are set to go up for sale in 2022. According to their same report, Hova’s talks include co-owning the team with none other than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The outlet speculates that if the deal goes through, it will be similar to a deal like that of another notable public figure. “Jay-Z has a net worth of $1.4 billion, so he would likely be part of a group of investors looking to buy the franchise. His stake would probably be similar to the one undertaken by Alex Rodriguez with the Minnesota Timberwolves, though Jay-Z has a significantly higher net worth than Rodriguez ($400 million),” reported the outlet. This isn’t the first time that the man born Shawn Carter has been rumored to be in the market to purchase sports teams. In the past, when Roc Nation was announced as the NFL’s new “live music entertainment strategist” by...