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Davyeon Ross Wants Us To Lean Into What We're Good At And Make A Successful Life Out Of It

When it comes to doing things that you’re naturally good at, Davyeon Ross should be the poster child! The former athlete is the co-founder of ShotTracker, the revolutionary sensor-based system designed to deliver statistics and analytics to teams, fans, and broadcast networks instantly. He is also the Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) at R/GA Ventures and has founded and scaled companies from the ground up raising more than $40 million in capital. “I like to tell people this: it’s really important to put yourself in the position where you can use your natural abilities and your natural inclinations because it becomes organic and it’s not forced,” shared Ross with Black Tech Green Money host Will Lucas. “I think we excel when we put ourselves in those types of situations.” For Ross, that situation has been all about taking the skills he’s learned from the game and applying them in the business world. “I think that the relationships that you build allow you to really have a seamless...

May 18, 2021