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'The College Dropout' Bear Costume Worn By Kanye West Could Be Yours For $1M, Say Its Owner

If you’re wondering what happened to the bear costume from “The College Dropout” era, look no further! When one thinks of Kanye West and “The College Dropout” album, the image of the bear that graced the cover may ultimately come to mind. Now fans will potentially be able to get their hands on it thanks to designer Sam Hansen. Per Complex, following an interview on the origins of “The College Dropout” bear with Hansen, Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive has unlocked a new discovery on what could now be a collector’s item. In an all-new sit down with Eric Arginsky, the person who worked closely with Ye and others, Barber learned that there was an abandoned effort to bring a plush bear line to the surface to promote the album. Since that line never saw the light of day, Arginsky ultimately landed ownership of the costume. In fact, it isn’t even the original costume from the cover as he explains that Ye’s team was never able to secure a deal with the school to gain possession of the...

Nov 17, 2021