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Senior Leader At Dropbox Under Scrutiny For Choosing 'To Prioritize Folks In Our BIPOC Communities' When Hiring

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the buzzwords for many organizations. Companies across every industry are creating strategies and programs to ensure that current and future team members have a safe and equitable work environment. But, what happens when the majority thinks DEI initiatives hurt them?

Josh Rodgers

May 12, 2022

Cloud Developer Advocate Jasmine Greenaway On Career Advancement and Making .NET the Best Dev Platform

It didn’t take long for Jasmine Greenaway to realize she wanted to reach developers who used Microsoft’s technical stack. At the time, she was working as a software engineer at web-based hosting service GitHub, focused on its extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. Greenaway found herself constantly discussing her now employer’s tech stack, a combination of software products and programming languages used in the development and deployment of a digital product. “What I ended up realizing is there was a need,” says Greenaway, who began attending conferences and explaining VS at length. “It made me want to speak more to those folks, at least at booths, and it started to make me realize I had a voice in general, so I started doing more talks. Most of my skills or responsibilities lie within fixing bugs, doing features; being a software developer, I started to realize that I should go out more and speak more. That led me to Microsoft.” As a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Greenaway...


Feb 27, 2018

Cloud Developer Advocate Cecil Phillip On How Open Source Is the Culture of Tech

Impact: It’s what drives Cecil Phillip. The Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft finds fulfillment in helping customers, companies and students, among others who cross his path to achieve their goals. It’s why his role at the well-known corporation is so important to him and his colleagues. “We’re developers. We’re people in technology, we have a background in technology. Our job is to go out and make sure that you understand what’s available in terms of cloud computing; you understand some of the services that we can offer to you to make sure that your company is successful, make sure that your products are successful,” says Phillip, who joined Microsoft last summer. “Make sure you have the tools, the information, the know how to take whatever it is that you’re creating, whatever your solution and move it into the cloud. Let you know what the benefits are and how it is that we can help you be more proficient; how we can help you save money, and how we can help you increase your...

Janel Martinez

Feb 20, 2018