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Billionaire Babies Club: Meet The Children Of The World's Black Billionaires

You know all about the world’s Black billionaires, but what do you know about their children ? Whether their parents are entertainers or private equity investors — whether their parents are African natural resources magnates or basketball legends — the members of the Billionaire babies club are part of an elite group. They never had to worry about whether they’d have extra money for an outing, or where their next meal was coming from. When activists talk about normalizing Black wealth, they had the sons and daughters of the world’s Black billionaires in mind. Some of them are behind Academy Award-winning films. Others lead private lives away from the spotlight. And still, others prefer to let their talent speak for itself. David Steward Jr., whose father is the founder of Worldwide Technology, never brings up his background when he speaks to the press. And, as the founder of Lion Forge Animation — which has produced Oscar-winning animated films like “Hair Love” — he doesn’t have to....