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It's A Family Affair: All About The Careers And Success Of Chris Rock's Talented Siblings

Chris Rock continues to be the name on everyone’s lips. But before he became known as a successful comedian, actor, and director, he was known simply as “Chris” to his siblings. Born in South Carolina but raised in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, Chris was the first child born to the late Julius Rock and his wife, Rosalie. Chris frequently detailed the trials and tribulations of his childhood in his hit comedy series, “Everybody Hates Chris,” but said that despite the trappings of bullying and other childhood issues, he enjoyed a close and warm relationship with his siblings. And that warm and close relationship with the family continues to this day. Ever since the infamous incident at the Oscars, Chris Rock has found a strong and steady support system in his siblings. Chris’ brother, Tony, has even taken time out of his comedy routine to defend his brother, according to Rap-Up. For his part, too, Chris has shut down any efforts from “outsiders” who wish to capitalize on the...