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Much Founder Carmen Perez Paid Off $57K In Debt In 3 Years — Here Are Her Top Tips

Paying down debt isn’t easy. In fact, Business Insider reports the average American has $59,580 in debt, which includes mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and credit card debt. And most of us know all too well that paying it off isn’t the easiest task. However, this is where financial educator and Much Founder Carmen Perez comes in. According to her company’s website, she was swimming in a pool of $57,000 in debt, but today she is debt-free. Plus, she accomplished the feat in less than three years. Here are some of her tips.

Samantha Dorisca

Jun 28, 2023

After Being Sued For A Student Loan, Carmen Perez Applied These Payout Methods To Become Debt Free In Less Than Three Years

After being sued for her student loan, Carmen Perez has flipped her story and is paving the way for the next generation to avoid making the same mishaps in their financial literacy journey.

Samantha Dorisca

Jun 16, 2022