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The Nation’s Fastest-Growing Black-Owned Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brand Can Now Be Delivered To Your Doorstep

You can now get this Black-owned ice cream brand delivered straight to your door! According to Thrillist, Cajou Creamery is a plant-based ice cream brand that was created by Chef Dwight Campbell and his wife Nicole Foster who is a public health attorney. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, it’s now the nation’s fastest-growing Black-owned dairy-free ice cream brand which includes exotic flavors like baklava, Mexican cacao, and sweet potato pie. “People hear vegan or plant-based and think ick like they are dirty words,” said Nicole in an interview. “Or a common story we hear is, ‘I haven’t had ice cream in 20 years,’ and we are able to give them that experience. We hope people can connect to whole foods again and feel the joy that we put into making the product.” The couple began experimenting on dairy-free ice cream after their two children weren’t able to indulge in their love for ice cream because they are lactose-intolerant. Since 2018, their hobby at home became a successful business...

Jun 11, 2021