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How to Successfully Pitch Your Business Idea to Investors

If you’re looking to fund your business, then you’ve likely considered pitching your idea to a group of investors. The key to successfully pitching your idea is having a compelling pitch and delivering it in an equally compelling way. Here, we will show you the important steps to creating a winning pitch, from conception to delivery. HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY PITCH YOUR BUSINESS IDEA TO INVESTORS HONE YOUR PITCH The first step to pitching your business idea to investors is perfecting it. To do this, ask yourself key questions. Can you make your point persuasively in a matter of seconds? The succinctness of your pitch is crucial because you’ll only have a few seconds to deliver it. Is your pitch specifically tailored to the needs and motivations of potential investors? Think of investors as people looking to hire someone or something to solve a problem they have. CREATE A POWERFUL PRESENTATION Once you’ve perfected your pitch, it’s time to come up with a powerful way to deliver it. You’ll...


Oct 30, 2020

What 'Insecure' Can Teach You About Pitching Your Business

The fourth season of HBO’s award-winning series, “ Insecure ,” starts with quite a few twists and eye-openers. One of the central storylines carried over from season three is Issa’s ambitious block party idea. The awkward, everyday lead character is determined to showcase Inglewood, California, her Los Angeles hometown. With full-fledged F.U.B.U. vibes, she hopes that the block party will celebrate and bring more attention to small, Black-owned businesses in her community, which are often shut down or forgotten about due to fast-growing, widespread gentrification . In the season premiere, Issa works with a newfound friend, Condola, on a business mixer that will help her gain much-needed sponsors to fund and supply a successful event. While — true to real-life — Issa experiences some personal and professional roadblocks along the way, she ultimately nails her business pitch and takes necessary steps toward a huge career moment. If you find yourself lowkey struggling, here are a few...

Niki McGloster

Apr 13, 2020