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This Software Engineer Went From Making A $25 Hourly Wage To A $158K Salary

Life transitions ultimately lead you to where you’re meant to be. When speaking career-wise, the sentiment holds true for Byron Jenkins — a software engineer and content creator.

Feb 16, 2023

Imposter Syndrome Who? Chime's Christine Zekis Shares How To Conquer It

The feeling of imposter syndrome can come in many different shapes and sizes, especially for Black professionals working in tech. Christine (‘Tine) Zekis, a backend software engineer at Chime, has considered herself an “imposter,” and she has mastered how to conquer the feeling that most consider uncomfortable. Zekis plans to take a deep dive into this topic at the upcoming 2021 AfroTech Conference on a panel titled “Imposter Syndrome: Slaying the Beast.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by AfroTech ( VeryWell Mind defines imposter syndrome as an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. People often feel self-doubt, sabotage their success, overachieve and set challenging goals when experiencing imposter syndrome. While Black professionals may experience imposter syndrome the most, the phenomenon doesn’t discriminate; it can affect anyone. Zekis said she feels imposter syndrome often, and overcoming it is a...

Oct 22, 2021

Report Finds Black Engineers Feel More Confident Entering Tech Industry With Technical Interview Practice

Black engineers made up for only six percent of computer programmers across the nation in 2020, compared to white engineers accounting for 68 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Karat, a technical interviewing company, released a new research report in partnership with Howard University (HU) that explores the job access barrier for Black software engineers. The pair teamed up to host focus groups earlier this year to survey 300 Black computer science students and alumni from Howard University, Morehouse College and University of North Carolina Charlotte. The Interview Access Gap for Black Engineers report is co-authored by Dr. Legand Burge, III, a computer science professor at HU; Dr. Katherine Picho-Kiroga, assistant professor of educational psychology at HU; and Portia Kibble Smith, head of diversity and inclusion at Karat. “There’s been a lot of research conducted on STEM education and the opportunity gaps that exist for Black students,” Kibble Smith told...

Sep 16, 2021

Tech Startup Karat Launches Program to Help Black Software Engineers Secure Jobs

Karat — a global world leader in technical interviewing — has just launched a brand-new dedicated program called “Brilliant Black Minds” — an initiative aimed at improving access, fairness, and inclusion across the tech industry. According to a press release, the program — which emphasizes Karat’s commitment to providing Black software engineers with $1 million worth of practice interviews — initially kicked off last year. Since then, it has continued to grow and help support more computer science students and professional engineers in 2021. “Brilliant Black Minds aims to eliminate barriers for software engineers,” Jeffrey Spector, Karat President and co-founder, shared in a statement. “Our goal is to support Black software engineers through the technical interview process so they can advance their careers and achieve their purpose in the world of tech. Tech companies shape the ways we all live, and they need the brilliance and unique perspectives of Black engineers.” It is today’s...

Mar 2, 2021