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This California Man Lost $33K In A Certified Check When A Bank of America Branch Closed — Here's How He Got It Back

A California man went to deposit $33,000 in Bank of America — and never saw the money again. According to ABC7 Bay News, the California man in question — Brian Leonard — had a certified check for $33,000. The check was drawn from Leonard’s Wells Fargo account, so that he and his wife could get their kitchen remodeled. He drew a certified check in the hopes that it would “clear quickly,” as typically, certified checks clear within 24 hours of deposit. But the next day, when he checked his account to make sure he had enough money to pay his contractor, he was in for a big surprise — and not in a good way. “The woman said that there was no record of the transaction. So as far as she was concerned, no transaction happened,” he said to the outlet. And it got worse. When the California man drove over to the bank’s branch in Oakland, CA, to see what was going on, the branch was closed . Getting aggravated yet? Don’t worry — so was he, and rightly so. “When I realized the branch was closed,...

Judge Rules That Byron Allen Can Proceed With Discrimination Lawsuit Against McDonald's

A judge has given Byron Allen the all-clear to proceed with his racial discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s. Ba-da-bup-bup-ba, we’re loving it! According to The Grio, U.S. District Judge Fernando Olguin gave Allen and his companies the green light to proceed and said that McDonald’s claim was denied “for improperly referencing materials outside the pleadings.” But there’s no guarantee that Byron Allen will be able to proceed. The outlet confirms that McDonald’s has until Jan. 27 to refile their motion to dismiss, which the company said they would most certainly do. “McDonald’s will refile its motion to dismiss by January 27 and continues to believe plaintiffs’ claims are meritless,” the company said in a statement. “This case is about revenue, not race, and plaintiffs’ groundless allegations ignore McDonald’s legitimate business reasons for not investing more on their channels and the company’s collaboration with diverse-owned partners.” This is just the latest salvo in an...

Tesla To Pay $130M In Damages To Black Ex-Worker For Creating A 'Racially Hostile Work Environment'

A federal jury in California has found that a Black ex-worker of Tesla is entitled to more than $130 million in damages and fees. According to The Wall Street Journal, Owen Diaz — who worked as an elevator operator in the Fremont, CA factory in 2015 and 2016 — was subjected to a “racially hostile work environment” during his tenure at the plant. Diaz was regularly called racial epithets at work, was subjected to racist imagery in the bathroom and elsewhere, and was also subjected to other untold horrors simply because he was Black. The crux of Diaz’s lawsuit against Tesla, however, was multi-fold. In addition to the horrific and racist treatment he was subjected to, Diaz alleged that the company not only failed to take reasonable measures against such racial harassment but also alleged that the company “was negligent in its supervision or retention of an employee, causing harm to Mr. Diaz,” per the Journal. The jury ultimately agreed with Diaz’s assessment and awarded him $130...