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The Black TikTok Strike Isn't About Crediting Viral Dances, It's About Protecting Black Creativity In Digital Spaces

The Black TikTok strike made headlines last month after Black creators seemingly refused to create choreography to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot Sh*t” single for non-Black TikTokers to steal without giving credit. However, that wasn’t the beginning and end of the strike’s mission. In fact, the Black TikTok strike was never solely about Black creators refusing to create dances. The real reason for the strike was fueled by users who were fed up and frustrated with the way Black creativity on apps like TikTok is constantly stolen, replicated and profited off of for the benefit of others. According to TikTok influencer Erick Louis — whose viral video helped spark the beginning of the strike — he originally joined the app back in November because he saw the community being built by Black TikTokers that stirred joy, education and entertainment on the platform. However, it’s been disheartening for him to see the way Black creators are excluded and taken advantage of while TikTok does little...

Jul 28, 2021

DNABLOCK Founder Anthony Kelani Is Putting Ownership Back In The Hands Of Black Creators

Whether we realize it or not, Black creativity is one of the world’s most lucrative assets and it’s time we take back control over our superpower – the power to shift the world’s dynamic and how it connects with our culture. Through platforms like DNABLOCK, all Black creatives, and even non-creatives, have the opportunity to access and utilize the art of animation to personify our cultural experiences for the world to behold. DNABLOCK — a 3-D animation platform that enables the world’s greatest creative minds to take their narratives from concept to creation — was founded by tech specialist Anthony Kelani, who had a vision to democratize a technical form of creative expression for Black and people of color. The startup, which is loosely referred to as “ Pixar for the people,” removes the barriers between tech and creativity to bridge the gap and empower these groups to take charge of their own narratives. By offering a unique platform to visualize and build our creations from...

May 30, 2021

Five Black Creators Join Nordstrom's 'Black_Space' Program to Uplift Black Creativity Through Fashion

Earlier this year, Nordstrom announced a reaffirmed $500 million commitment to uplift more Black fashion brands. Now, the retailer is focusing on its newly-introduced series called “Black_Space” — the twelfth edition of its New Concepts program which aims to provide an immersive shopping experience for customers curated by Black creators. “New Concepts @Nordstrom has always been a platform to tell brand and product stories, with the goal to try and show the interconnectivity between fashion and culture,” Sam Lobban — SVP of Designer and New Concepts at Nordstrom — said in a press statement. “In line with that, we’ve always wanted to do something which would bring together a group of creatives with whom both the New Concepts team and I have built relationships with over our careers; people who we respect and appreciate for their unique and diverse perspective. Through this process we collaboratively built Concept 012: Black_Space, ultimately with the aim to celebrate Black fashion...

Mar 30, 2021