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Although Maisha Leek Says She Cares About The World — She Also Says, 'But I Am A Capitalist'

The world may refuse to pay attention to Black founders, but here at AfroTech, we’re always looking for ways to help others launch that next big idea, and Maisha Leek has the same mind. During this week’s episode of Black Tech Green Money, Maisha Leek joined host Will Lucas to discuss her work at the time as a partner at Human Ventures, a New York City-based venture capital firm and startup studio. As someone who operates in her gift, Leek has a spot for helping startups work through their business strategy along with opportunities and operations. Her work has included helping corporate innovation teams build entrepreneurial and residence programs as well as identifying founders that align with their respective investment thesis. “I emphasize the ‘C’ in capitalist and just so I am clear, I care about the world, but I am a capitalist,” she explained. “I don’t like to align myself with these people because even if they’re icons of American history, they also did terrible things to...

Oct 26, 2021

#BlackoutDay2020: Can Capitalism Save Our Community?

Economic solidarity within the Black community has always been touted as the answer to our liberation. Alongside banking Black and buying Black, today’s social media campaign, Blackout Day 2020, is another movement that aims to fight against economic injustice. Created by Calvin Martyr, founder of the Blackout Coalition , Blackout Day 2020 is a call for Black people to boycott spending their money for a full 24 hours in order to show the impact of our spending power. In the event that making a purchase is unavoidable—gas, toilet paper, groceries, etc.—supporters are urged to buy from a Black-owned business. “We need economic solidarity in America amongst all black people unequivocally,” the main Blackout Day site reads . “In order to break free from the chains of financial servility, we will organize days, weeks, months, and years if necessary when not one black person in America will spend a dollar outside of our community.” However, anti-capitalists have argued to replace, not...

Jul 7, 2020