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Amazon Launches Free Program To Teach AI To HBCUs, MSIs And Community Colleges

Amazon is looking to further support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) students for their future careers.

Jan 20, 2023

Want To Talk Your Dead Grandma? Amazon Alexa Has A New Feature In The Works To Communicate In The Afterlife

Are you missing a loved one or family member? Well, people may soon be able to have their deceased relative read the latest news headline with the introduction of Amazon Alexa’s new technology (If your mind immediately went to “Black Mirror,” you’re not alone. We thought the same thing). During Amazon’s re:MARS conference, the tech giant announced that the new feature would be a way for users to hold on to their fondest memories by connecting to familiar voices in the afterlife. During his presentation, Senior Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa Artificial Intelligence, Rohit Prasad, showed how the new voice options could mimic the voice of a dead relative. Once Alexa listens to the voice for at least one minute, the smart assistant can simulate the desired voice when speaking. Making the seemingly eerie technology real, a video of the upcoming Alexa feature showed a child asking their grandmother to read them “The Wizard of Oz.” Immediately recognizing the request, Alexa’s...

Jun 23, 2022

Amazon's New Product Uses AI And Photo Recognition To Help You Find Outfits

Amazon has nearly taken over the e-commerce industry by utilizing targetted ads and artificial intelligence. Now, the company wants to help customers find the perfect outfits using many of the same technologies. Amazon announced its newest product StyleSnap during the re: MARS 2019 conference. Similar to the music identification app Shazam, users can use StyleSnap to find clothes matching their favorite celebrities or influencers. StyleSnap is AI-powered and uses deep learning algorithms to find a wide range of clothes for users. The feature is located inside of Amazon’s app and customers can upload their own pictures or screenshots to let StyleSnap work its magic. The tool then returns a list of similar suggestions, taking price, brand, and customer reviews, into consideration. The company said that creating StyleSnap wasn’t easy. The algorithm needed to be fed various kinds of images, so that it could accurately identify different garments. “While StyleSnap presents a seamless...

Jun 6, 2019

How Google Translate is Reducing Gender Bias With Its New Update

Google announced the revamping of Translate to offer more interpretations. Before the update, only masculine translations existed for gender-neutral words. “Google Translate learns from hundreds of millions of already-translated examples from the web,” Google Translate Product Manager James Kuczmarski said in a blog post. “Historically, it has provided only one translation for a query, even if the translation could have either a feminine or masculine form.” Photo: Google Translate Google Translate plans to extend gender-specific translations to more languages. Google Translate will launch the update on its iOS and Andriod apps later in the year. It is also set to address gender bias in features like query auto-complete. Tech companies have struggled with identifying and fixing gender bias in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Last year, Wired reported on a Virginia computer science professor finding gender bias in some of the machine-learning software that he...

Dec 10, 2018

Amazon Had To Ditch An AI Experiment After The Tool Showed Bias Against Women

Amazon is getting rid of a project that was trying to incorporate artificial intelligence with hiring. The tool was supposed to streamline the hiring process, but the technology showed bias against women, according to Reuters . Amazon’s program penalized applicants who included the word “women’s” and who attended all-women’s colleges. Although it was only being tested internally, it’s still unclear, as The Verge points out , whether or not the program was actually used to make personnel decisions. One of the biggest arguments against the use of artificial intelligence is how it perpetuates biases from data. In September, seven members of Congress wrote letters to the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission highlighting the risks of facial recognition technology, another form of AI. “While they can offer many benefits, we are concerned by the mounting evidence that these technologies can perpetuate gender, racial,...

Oct 10, 2018