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Meet Aletha Maybank, the Pediatrician Changing the Face of Medicine Through Disney's 'Doc McStuffins'

We all know the importance of on-screen representation in media and entertainment, but most of all we know that representation is crucial to kids growing up in this ever-changing world. Content from shows that children consume on a daily basis are extremely influential on their upbringing and how they see the world. Disney is a network that takes heed to this notion, which is why we’ve seen it rollout a slate of positive and informative television series with characters who have become role models for kids — just like “Doc McStuffins.” According to MSNBC, after Disney Junior launched “Doc McStuffins” — an animated series about a young girl who aspires to be a doctor like her mom — it quickly became cable TV’s top-rated preschool series and the spark responsible for starting a social movement about diversity and inclusion in medicine. For one local physician, the work of this social movement didn’t just start and stop at what was being displayed on-screen, she knew it needed to...

Mar 26, 2021