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What You Need To Know About Google's 2024 Layoffs

Following recent staff cuts in Google ‘s Augmented Reality (AR) division, the advertising sales team now faces additional layoffs, marking part of a broader restructuring initiative aimed at improving the quality of ads customer service. This move aligns with an industry trend seen in significant job cuts at companies like Amazon and Duolingo in 2024. Google’s culture, it seems, goes beyond policies; it’s about employees’ sentiments, posing a profound challenge. In January 2023, Google implemented a substantial workforce reduction, cutting 12,000 employees, equivalent to approximately 6% of its workforce. The company notified affected US staff abruptly through an early-morning email, leading to expressions of dismay among some laid-off workers. The Layoffs Are Continuing To Unfold Anticipated next is Google’s CEO addressing employee concerns and sharing insights on recent developments, including details on layoffs and their potential impacts on various roles. The CEO’s decision to...

Corinne Dorsey

Jan 27, 2024

Google is Restructuring its AI Teams, But it Needs to be Focusing on its Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Google has been investing a lot of its focus into artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the past few years, but it’s falling short on the management level to bring its ideas to fruition. The company claims to be “advancing AI for everyone,” yet it can’t seem to get the diversity and inclusion aspect of this down. “At its heart, AI is computer programming that learns and adapts. It can’t solve every problem, but its potential to improve our lives is profound,” Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post . “At Google, we use AI to make products more useful—from email that’s spam-free and easier to compose , to a digital assistant you can speak to naturally , to photos that pop the fun stuff out for you to enjoy.” Despite its seemingly good intentions to break more into AI, Google employees have been very critical about the company’s AI investments from the start. Back in June 2018, according to Forbes, more than 3,000 employees signed a petition in protest against...

Michelai Graham

Feb 24, 2021

These Automation Companies Are Hitting Big Valuations By Replacing Office Workers

The changes artificial intelligence will have on the workforce will be substantial in years to come. And now, according to Tech Crunch , companies that are automating repetitive tasks are seeing big valuations as businesses look to replace their office workers. Tech brands UiPath and Automation Anywhere each develop automation robotics and have recently received notable amounts of funding. UiPath earned $225 million in its last funding round, while Automation Anywhere, whose customers include Google, Unilever and Comcast, received $250 million. Companies across various industries want to automate customer support, scheduling, hiring and employee analytics and investors are pouring into the places that know how to make it happen. Sequoia Capital and Alphabet’s CapitalG led the funding for UiPath and helped bring the company to $408 million in funding and a $3 billion valuation. Goldman Sachs invested in Automation Anywhere’s latest funding round, bringing the robot-maker to a $1.8...

Arriana McLymore

Oct 1, 2018