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Barack Obama Joins NBA Africa As Minority Owner And Strategic Partner

Former president Barack Obama has plans to take the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) presence in Africa to the next level. According to an announcement from the NBA, Obama is officially a minority owner and strategic partner in NBA Africa’s business, where he hopes to advance the league’s social responsibility efforts across the continent. “The NBA has always been a great ambassador for the United States—using the game to create deeper connections around the world, and in Africa, basketball has the power to promote opportunity, wellness, equality, and empowerment across the continent,” he shared in a statement. “By investing in communities, promoting gender equality, and cultivating the love of the game of basketball, I believe that NBA Africa can make a difference for so many of Africa’s young people. I’ve been impressed by the league’s commitment to Africa, including the leadership shown by so many African players who want to give back to their own countries and...

Jul 28, 2021

Sandra Richards Helps Black Athletes Manage Their Wealth as Head of Global Sports & Entertainment at Morgan Stanley

As part of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting some of the most powerful Black women who you may not have heard of. To that end, we sat down with Sandra Richards, Head of Global Sports, Entertainment, and Segment Sales at Morgan Stanley. Background Born and raised in Long Island, NY to Jamaican parents, Richards went on to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Seton Hall University. She had initially planned to attend law school but ended up pursuing several opportunities outside the legal industry. “I had an opportunity to work at the Jackie Robinson Foundation. And I worked there for five years before coming to Morgan Stanley. When I joined Morgan Stanley, I joined their wealth management space with our Wealth Management Studies in the diversity and inclusion area for our global wealth managers space,” Richards said. “Now, I run our global Sports and Entertainment Group as of 2018,” she added. Why She Loves Her Role “I think the most rewarding part is certainly...

Mar 31, 2021

Gary Charles, Tracy McGrady & More Push Non-Profit to Unite Black People in Sports

Racism in sports has a long history of silencing, white privilege, and racist tactics used to oppress Black people who strive to dismantle the crooked systems built to discourage our efforts in speaking out. As seen with Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protests and Milwaukee Buck’s recent strike, sports and reality do not exist in separate worlds and players are looking for the support they need to exercise their legal rights as Black Americans. In an effort to create safe spaces for Black individuals in sports, a newly-established non-profit organization called Advancement of Blacks in Sports, Inc. has been founded to advocate for racial, social, and economic justice for Black people in sports. View this post on Instagram A post shared by We Are ABIS (@weareabis) According to a press release , founder Gary Charles has leveraged his relationships with high-profile figures such as civil rights attorney Ben Crump, former NBA player Tracy McGrady, Chuck D. of Public Enemy, and many more to...

Sep 4, 2020