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Snoop Dogg Expands Partnership With 19 Crimes to Release Its First California Rosé

Last summer, Snoop Dogg and Australian winery 19 Crimes formed a partnership to release a special red wine blend in honor of the Hip-Hop legend’s legacy. For their latest release, the two entities have now introduced Snoop Cali Rosé, a new California blend of Grenache and Zinfandel in which the rapper hopes to make the drink of the summer, Wine Industry Network reports. So far, 19 Crimes and Snoop Dogg’s collaboration has been well-received among consumers and has given the Australian wine brand a contemporary feel inspired by the rapper’s West Coast style. “We did it big with 19 Crimes Cali Red, so you know we had to do it again – and this time, I was thinking pink,” Snoop Dogg shared in a statement. “I can’t wait for everyone to sip on my Snoop Cali Rosé and bring those fresh feels from spring into summer and beyond. I hope when you open a bottle of this wine you take a little mind trip to my Cali home. This is how we Rosé the Snoop Dogg way!” John Wardley — TWE Marketing Vice...

Mar 17, 2021

'Year of the Return' Gains New Meaning As More African Americans Settle in Ghana

This year marks 400 years since African arrival in the United States in 1619. The “Year of the Return” is being celebrated across the world, particularly in Ghana, which has seen a recent influx of American tourism. For some, a return to Ghana has taken on a new meaning, as evidenced by the more than 125 new citizens residing in the country . From actor Boris Kudjoe’s December appearance on ABC’s “The View” in honor of “ The 1619 Project ,” to rapper Cardi B performing there, Ghana has been swarming with visitors. However, many African Americans — and many Ghanaian-born ones — are coming to the country not just to visit, but to live. They are bringing a different set of skills and business tools from the American economy to the motherland, and Ghana is responding with open arms. “ The climate in Ghana is ripe for entrepreneurs to fill potholes, add traffic lights and digitize tax returns, among other business moves, ” Ghanaian-born business owner Kojo Terry Oppong — who moved from...

Dec 27, 2019