Building a business is exciting, challenging — and scary. But you’ve made it this far — and can take it further as long as you keep at it. There will be challenging days ahead, but you can take your business venture to new heights by following these tips.

Be persistent

It’s not enough to have a vision. Every day, you must take another step to make that vision a reality. No one is going to do it for you, but as long as you keep moving forward and don’t give up, you’ll get where you want to go.

Set realistic goals

Anything worth accomplishing will take effort over time. Don’t let your impatience to conquer the world lead you to make impulsive and costly decisions. Instead, establish attainable goals that you can achieve each day, week, and month that take you further and further towards your vision.

Build a strong team  

When hiring, find people whose vision and character match yours. You may find skilled workers more readily than those with character. And while you can bring underqualified or inexperienced workers up to speed with training and hands-on projects, there’s little you can do to address character deficits or differing visions for the future of your company.

Keep learning

No matter your educational background, being a successful entrepreneur requires a commitment to learning. Deepening your understanding of all aspects of your business will only help you make better strategic decisions. And you must continually keep up with changing market dynamics to compete effectively and take advantage of opportunities.

Develop a solid network

You’ll need advice from people who have been where you are. Spend some time growing your professional network — through networking events, trade industry memberships, and other opportunities. Not only will expanding your professional network help connect you with people who can provide guidance, but it can also help you develop invaluable supply, distribution — and even sales — contacts.

Organize your data

Things may be hectic in the early days of your business. You may have critical information scattered in separate files, notebooks, and locations. Take the time to manage and integrate your data through a CRM or ERP system now to maximize your sales, improve productivity, and save money.

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll learn more lessons about business and yourself. But by following these recommendations closely, you’ll avoid some of the growing pains many entrepreneurs have faced.